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What Else Can I Do Wrong? | Parlour Suns

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Parlour Suns have featured twice in Flare Magazine with two new singles. The band are still taking the music scene by storm and is really leaving an impact on the industry. The Devon-based pop and alternative rock band debuted their new sound this year with Embers and Figure It Out, both singles received some of the highest praise I’ve ever given to a single in this magazine, and their newest track keeps up the exceptionally high standard they’ve set for themselves.

What Else Can I Do Wrong? is the title of the new track which brings a slightly different sound to their growing archive of music. The band have really managed to create a recognisable and original sound that has an instant connection to the band and with only three singles released, that’s no mean feat at all! I’ve said before that Parlour Suns are a band to watch and I’ll say it again, keep an eye on these guys they’re really something else!


Bringing instant energy, the single is clearly going to be catchy and incredibly hard to not bop along to right from the start. It’s clear that Parlour Suns are only capable of releasing absolute bangers from the sheer amount of talent you can hear in this track alone, combining it with Embers and Figure It Out only strengthens an already strong track. What Else Can I Do Wrong? really shows off the band’s skill at writing music, one of the main reasons why their songs are so amazing in my opinion!

A love of music and a passion for writing and performing really comes through in the track too, something that makes all the difference between a good single and an incredible one. It’s also something that Parlour Suns have never failed to achieve in any of their singles. What Else Can I Do Wrong? is no exception either, each element of the track comes together well and really shows off the band as a whole. I can see Parlour Suns headlining big shows and festivals in the future with this standard of music!

Parlour Suns, Shot by Chloe Pollard Photography

With the instant energy that the track has, it’s impossible to sit still and listen to it - this is a track that demands your full attention. The energy of What Else Can I Do Wrong? doesn’t let up throughout the entire song and really makes the single memorable! The track “encapsulates the end of a relationship where you start to notice red flags and resent the person you used to love” and “the lyrics bounce around the feelings between missing somebody and wanting them back, but then knowing it was for the best to end it.” With a more vulnerable tone to the lyrics at the beginning, they show a discovery of self-worth and confidence by the end, making the track all the more relatable.

If for some insane reason, you haven’t checked out Parlour Suns yet, make sure you do you definitely won’t regret it! Give them a follow on social media to make sure you don’t miss out on new music too! Give Flare Magazine a follow on social media too to keep up with the new music coming out across the UK and get in touch if you’re releasing something new!

Check out the single here!


Words and portrait by Chloe Pollard.

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