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Body | Josh DC & The Anti-Heroes

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Josh DC is a Devon-based alternative solo artist “playing live with an unwilling band of captives” called Josh DC & The Anti-Heroes. If you haven't already heard of Josh DC & The Anti-Heroes, you’re missing out on some great energy! Josh DC is a “creatively restless songwriter/producer/instrumentalist” who records his own “Frankenstein genre of alt-rock” in his Devon garden studio.

Josh DC & The Anti-Heroes recently recorded a live video as a part of Powderham Live, which is now available to watch on YouTube! The featured track Body is described by Josh DC as “a brash take on getting back with an ex” and fused with the energy of a live performance, it really highlights that well. The live video was released on January 22nd and is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of dirty and alternative rock!


Starting off strong, the track itself opens with some immediately captivating riffs that firmly set Body within the alt-rock genre. Having already been drawn in by the sound, Josh DC & The Anti-Heroes have really mastered the art of creating a solid base for a track before any vocals are even introduced. Body really shows a clear passion for writing and creating music as well as a serious knowledge of the genre it sits within. It’s definitely a track that leaves you wanting to hear more!

The track only gets better as it continues, with an instrumental that demands to be listened to at full volume! Body highlights the talent that Josh DC & The Anti-Heroes possess both as a band and individually. The track also has an effective way of showcasing the talent that Josh DC has for writing and producing his own music - it’s not surprising he's been invited to play popular venues like The Cavern in Exeter and The Underground in Plymouth!


Body’s accompanying live video contains the same infectious energy right from the beginning. The video has the same drive and vigour as the track itself, which means it sits alongside the music well and only adds to the strength of the song. Giving off that familiar laid-back yet enthusiastic vibe that’s common in the world of rock music, the video solidifies an already strong sound and image.

If you haven't already, make sure to go check out the live video Body now available to watch on YouTube! It was released at the end of last month and is definitely not one to miss! Follow Josh DC & The Anti-Heroes on social media to make sure you don't miss out on anything; trust me you don’t want to! Give Flare Magazine a follow on social media too to keep up with the new music coming out across the UK and get in touch if you’re releasing something new!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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