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The Sound of The Music | Rhys Hurd

Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Rhys Hurd is currently based in Cornwall while studying at Falmouth University and has previously been featured in Flare magazine with an artist interview. With several tracks already released, such as Time To Say No and Left to Say, Rhys has created a solid base to support the upcoming release of his newest track.

The Sound of The Music is the title track to a forthcoming EP, which I think it’s safe to say we can all get excited about! Set for release on February 19th, The Sound of The Music was written about “the thrills of experiencing music together in a live scenario” and in a time when that isn't something we can do freely, it's a welcome reminder to a lot of people!


The Sound of The Music features drums written and recorded by George Lee and Xandy Waddington with lyrics and music performed and written by Rhys. The track was mixed and mastered by Rhys and Billy Tucker and really shows off the professional approach everyone involved takes to the music. Every element of the single fits together perfectly and creates a really strong sound!

Taking on a different feel to previously released material, the track begins with an infectious energy which immediately transports you to a live gig. The powerful riffs keep coming throughout the start of the song, fitting perfectly with the vocals. Even after only twenty seconds, the single has a distinct rock feel to it and as someone who works in live music, it definitely takes me back to a time when gigs were happening!

Capturing the essence of live music performance in every way, the layered vocals really help to give the listener the feeling of being at a live gig, making the track memorable and extremely enjoyable to listen to. Clear and easy-to-pick-up lyrics and a catchy rhythm make this song impossible to listen to only once, and even more difficult to listen to without bopping along. Another thing this does is show off Rhys’ voice and the clear talent he has for songwriting!

Overall each part of the single works extraordinarily well, from the production to the performance to the amazing way it gives off the feeling of being at a live gig! I can already tell that The Sound of The Music is going to be highly effective as the title track to an upcoming EP, and will definitely have a lot of people looking forward to its release!

If for some reason you haven’t already, check out Rhys' music on major streaming platforms and keep an eye out for The Sound of The Music which will be released on February 19th! Follow Rhys on social media too to make sure you don’t miss out on any new releases!

Check out Rhys' music here!


Words and photography by Chloe Pollard.

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