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Pigs With Shame | Plastic Tramps

Plastic Tramps were one of the first bands to feature in Flare Magazine with their single, Asylum Insane. The Devon-based alternative rock band is made up of lead singer and guitarist Oli Pringle, bassist Sam Jacques and drummer Robert Wardman and has been releasing music and creative music videos since forming in 2016. Having released several brand-new singles and an EP in 2020, this month saw the release of the band’s first 2021 single.

Titled Pigs With Shame, Plastic Tramps’ newest single was released on May 16th and follows the release of their previous singles well. Available to listen to on all major streaming platforms, the single is definitely worth checking out! It feels eerie right from the start, a sound that fans will recognise from previous tracks, along with the catchy melody that suits Oli’s voice really well. Pigs With Shame has a memorable tone that will definitely be going around in your head for a while after listening to it, and this is only one of the things that make the track so successful!


With a calm introduction, the track gives off that eerie feel and the listener knows that something is coming. They aren't disappointed when the guitar kicks in and the track take on a completely different energy. It does this without losing any of the feels it had at the beginning, proving that Plastic Tramps really know what they’re doing when it comes to making music! Pigs With Shame is paced well and the differences in energy throughout different sections work really well alongside each other to create a whole new layer of the track.

Each member of the band’s talent is shown off at every opportunity and a clear love of music is visible through that which automatically makes the track likeable and easy to listen to. Every part of the single fits together well and means that the band’s chemistry is clearly incredible. This only goes on to help keep that original sound that Plastic Tramps have created for themselves. Pigs With Shame is similar enough to their previous material to be instantly recognisable as one of their tracks but also feels like something completely new at the same time.


The instrumental sections work really well in splitting up the track and mean that for a song that's over 7 minutes, it doesn't feel long at all. Effects on the vocals towards the end of the single increase the intensity of the track and fit really well with the context of the song and really add to the catchiness of that melody that’s sure to stick in your head for a while. Pigs With Shame comes to a strong close with a powerful ending that definitely leaves you wanting to hear more from the band.

Overall, Pigs With Shame is a seriously strong single that I would definitely recommend checking out - it’s not one you want to miss! If you haven't already heard the single, it's available on the major streaming platforms alongside Plastic Tramps’ previous material which is also worth a listen. Keep an eye on the band’s social media to make sure you don't miss out on anything new!

Check out the single here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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