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Never Taking Me | Guerilla State

Belfast-based Guerilla State is a rising Irish rock group, whose music takes on current issues, both political and social. Made up of two members from Ireland and Australia, the band tackles current issues head-on, illuminating them in an unbiased and free way. They offer “a global perspective on governmental affairs and failings in an age of misinformation” through a media we can all relate to.

Guerilla State’s debut single is due for release on January 15th and is titled Never Taking Me. The track was produced completely by the band; the recording, mixing and mastering of the finished track really shows off the talent both members of Guerilla State possess. This is only furthered by the realisation that the artwork for the single was created by them too.


Never Taking Me is instantaneously catchy, right from the first second! By introducing one element at a time, the band has built up the beginning of the track beautifully. Having been perfectly paced, the single doesn’t feel rushed when the energy increases which can sometimes happen at the start of rock songs. The band allowed ample time for the backing to set the pace for the rest of the song before introducing lyrics which has proved to be extremely effective.

When the lyrics are brought in, however, it becomes even clearer just how well put together this amazing debut single is! The solid backing really suits the vocals and shows off the quality and strength of the voice. Fitting well within the alternative-rock genre, the track does exactly what the band are about; “a fearless form of expression in an age of artistic suppression, a philosophy of autonomy.” As a debut single, Never Taking Me is sure to leave a mark on the music scene!

With the song being so well produced, the lyrics are clear and easy to pick up which makes it impossible to sit still while listening to it. It also makes it impossible to listen to at a socially acceptable volume, it’s one of those tracks which demands to be played as loud as possible! The catchy melody feels familiar in many ways but still manages to be totally unique and therefore gives the band a solid image which is a huge achievement to accomplish before the release of a debut single!


Just when you think the single can’t get any better, the bridge adds a whole new dimension to it! The way the backing and vocals work together with the lyrics so exquisitely makes me certain that this track will be a huge hit live in the future, I can see crowds really getting behind it! With the bridge moving into an ending which mirrors the beginning of the song, it’s brought to a natural end which, while still closing the song nicely, manages to leave you wanting to hear more at the same time!

Never Taking Me just works as a track, I don't know how else to say that, it’s flawless! Every single element of it fits perfectly and makes the single a pleasure to listen to. It demonstrates real talent and I think will definitely prove that Guerilla State is a band to watch! As one of the best debut singles that I’ve heard in a while, I strongly recommend checking it out when it’s released!

Make sure to check it out from January 15th, it’s 100% worth a listen! Follow Guerilla State on social media to ensure you don’t miss out on anything they release in the future, I think we can expect amazing things from the band in the future!

Follow Guerilla State here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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