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It's Just Us | Rhys Hurd

Rhys Hurd is a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter currently based in Cornwall while studying music at Falmouth University and has previously been featured in Flare magazine with an artist interview and a review of his previous single, The Sound of The Music. After the success of the last single, Rhys has followed it with a brand new track written based on his own experiences.

Released on all major streaming platforms on June 11th, the single is called It’s Just Us and is a “lively love song” that “touches upon the bonds that go deeper than physical desire. The moment when you and your partner go from being individuals to being together.” Taking on a different tone from Rhys’ previous singles, the track shows a completely different side of his music!

Rhys Hurd in Falmouth Marina, Photo by Chloe Pollard Photography

The track starts off with a stripped-back opening, immediately differing from the heavy guitars and intense beat that previous singles have started with. These do come in later however and bring the unique Rhys Hurd sound to the track. “With a loud wall of guitars over an up-tempo beat, there’s a power that flows through this track into the listener, as the vocals feel like a cry of euphoria.”

With clear lyrics and a clear message, “the track is an outburst of happiness like you have fallen in love and must tell the whole world how you feel — It’s bold and unapologetic” - something I think a lot of listeners will relate to! The passion behind the song comes through well and makes the single enjoyable to listen to. With a catchy and lively melody and recognisable guitars, It’s Just Us is a strong track that fits well in Rhys’ catalogue of music.

Rhys Hurd in Falmouth Marina, Photo by Chloe Pollard Photography

The ending brings us back to the beginning with its stripped-back tone which differs from the previous instrumental section. It’s Just Us, demonstrates the talent and love for music that Rhys possesses well, and is definitely worth checking out - the track is available to stream on all major platforms now! Make sure to follow Rhys on social media too to make sure you don’t miss out on any new music!

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Check out the single here!


Words and photos by Chloe Pollard.

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