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Galactic Shores | Lailana

Lailana is a Lebanese/Filipino singer-songwriter currently based in London who has previously featured in Flare Magazine back in April with her single Pixelated Soundwaves. Just over a month later, another brand-new single has been released! The single is “the first ballad of a quadripartite EP that succinctly explores all four stages of a love tragedy as seen through the singer’s eyes” and is the title track of the upcoming EP - Galactic Shores.

Galactic Shores was released back on May 14th and according to Lailana, “describes the first stage of a modern-day love tragedy from the perspective of my alter ego Galactica Shora, an aquatic alien.” Lailana started writing the song back in 2019 about “the tantalizing uncertainty of when you start to fall for someone at the first stage of the relationship” and after two years in the making, the track is finally available for us to listen to!


With a slow and chilled-out start, the song comes in with easy-to-pick-up lyrics which make it enjoyable to listen to right from the start. Galactic Shores continues to give off calm and laid-back vibes all the way through and considering that Galactic Shores is a concept created by Lailana as “a safe haven for myself in outer space, on a foreign planet with myself as the only inhabitant. It is a metaphor for my safe mental space (my mind) but I transformed it into a physical location as a beach in outer space,” this works really well in the context of the song.

The single shows off the strength of Lailana’s voice right from the start and with its catchy tune and infectious melody, the track is definitely not one to be looked over! The clarity of the lyrics have you singing along by the end of the track and definitely leaves you wanting to listen again - so much so that I can see this being added to many different playlists! Galactic Shores is one of those songs that works as background music and for actively listening to which is no small achievement.


When the song speeds up later on, it picks up the pace and energy at the same time without taking away from the chilled and safe feeling it gives off. This really shows off Lailana’s talent for writing even more than we’ve already seen with previous singles and definitely keeps the standard high! The track feels like a perfect blend of genres and styles which represents the reasoning behind the concept of Galactic Shores well and definitely leaves us excited to see what will come next!

If you haven't already, check out Galactic Shores on any of the major streaming platforms and make sure you follow Lailana on social media to be sure you don't miss out on any new EP updates!

Check out the single here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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