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Away We Go | Cold Company

Cold Company is a “one-man army, a Covid baby which is set to take the rock world by storm!” Based in Birmingham and created by Joe Bates, Cold Company is producing their own alternative-rock material. Their first EP was released back in January and was titled Finding My Feet. The six-track debut followed a single called Don’t Fly Too Close which was released last year. Now we get to April, we’re getting another new single!

Released on April 9th, the newest addition to Cold Company’s catalogue is called Away We Go. Drawing from the world around him and “channelling his frustrations with the world and coupling them with a sense of a disassociation with the things around him” makes the single relatable to a lot of people. The tune comes in heavy right from the start with a strong presence that sets the tone for the rest of the track effectively.


Heavy guitars and a solid drumbeat create a catchy rhythm that it’s impossible to sit still while listening to. The energy continues to build up until the vocals come in before it suddenly drops off to highlight the lyrics. With a distant effect on the vocals, the sound of the track is kept consistent, that slight separation from reality and the darker themes present in the strength of the backing track are carried through to the vocals. This binds the whole single together well and helps to create a solid sound.

Joe’s voice is perfectly suited to this style of music, and Away We Go fits solidly within the alternative rock genre. It pairs well with each element of the backing track and that really highlights the skill and talent that has gone into the single. It’s clear that there’s a huge talent for songwriting and producing there too, however, and a clear love of music. With the obvious adoration for music coming through so well, Cold Company has made Away We Go really enjoyable to listen to.


Overall, the single is a professionally put-together combination of a love of music and a clear talent for writing and producing. As a fairly new project, the consistency already present in both Cold Company’s image and music is incredible. Away We Go only adds to that image and will definitely get people excited about whatever comes next for Cold Company! If this single is anything to go by, I think we can expect some pretty amazing things from them in the future!

If you haven't already, make sure to follow Cold Company on social media to make sure you keep up to date on anything new coming this way! Check out Finding My Feet, Don’t Fly Too Close and their newest single, Away We Go too, they’re definitely worth a listen!

Check out Cold Company here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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