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Sweet | Ten Hands High

London-based indie band Ten Hands High formed in Leeds back in 2019 and has released music of a variety of genres since then. Starting off with more indie-rock music, the band’s sound has evolved to include more features of alternative, pop, and r&b too. Ten Hands High have so far released eleven singles - the first six of which were released in six months- since forming and on May 28th, they released their debut EP. The EP marks the start of the band’s third phase and definitely isn't one to miss!

Titled Sweet, the EP was released at the end of May and features four new tracks: Sweet, 2:28am, nevermind and Style. Sweet was the first single to be released and was played on BBC Introducing: The South and Amazing Radio. The second single, nevermind “went a step further and was added to Amazon Music's Fresh Indie playlist” and was played by BBC Introducing Mixtape on BBC 6 Music.


Track one, Sweet, is impossible not to bop along to and creates a really strong opening to the EP. It really shows off how well the band works together right from the start and sets the tone for the rest of the album well. From the first track, it’s evident that the album as a whole is going to be impossible not to love, the whole track comes together well and really shows off the talent of each band member!

Next up is 2:28am. With a chilled-out opening, the track takes on a more stripped-back feel than the opening song. It works well as a second track and manages to be completely different to the first while still fitting well within the context of the album and its title track. 2:28am is a track which works well when you’re actively listening to it or when it’s just on in the background, it’s one of those songs that you pick up the lyrics to without realising it and will definitely be going around in your head for a while!

2:28am is followed by nevermind, which was released as the second single promoting the album. Taking on a different feel again, the third track on the EP is similar to the first in energy and its general vibe - it’s another one of the ‘you can’t sit still while listening’ ones and shows off the talent of each band member again. The track solidifies the sound of the EP as a whole which really brings Ten Hands High’s talent for writing their music to light as well as performing.


Style is the final track on the EP and is probably my favourite of the four tracks. It’s chilled out and stripped back and really summarises the album well. It’s a fitting track to close the album and really leaves you excited to hear more! If I wasn’t told, I would never have guessed this is a debut EP, the clear and refined sound is consistent across all four tracks and makes it obvious it's Ten Hands High right from the start.

Overall, the album has a clear sound to it that is unique to Ten Hands High and definitely leaves you wanting to hear more of their music! As a debut EP, Sweet does an incredible job and if it’s anything to go by, I think we can expect some great things from Ten Hands High in the future! Make sure to check out the EP and give the band a follow on social media to make sure you don’t miss out on anything! Trust me, you won’t want to!

Check out the EP here!

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