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Left Hand Side | The Kaizens

The Kaizens recently released a new single called French Kiss however, they’ve been hard at work on another single which is just as amazing! If for some reason you don’t know who The Kaizens are, now is a great time to check them out. The Torbay-based band is known widely in the South West having played many different venues such as Plymouth Pavilions and is made up of lead singer Tom Bushin, guitarist Josh May, bassist Sam Swann and their newest member, drummer Jordan Tidball. The newest single is called Left Hand Side and demonstrates a totally new sound yet again!


The single starts off with a simple opening featuring only guitars, which is then layered up with the introduction of a catchy drum beat. The introduction itself has the listener intrigued with its summery vibe! The first thing I noticed when I listened to it was how well the drums and guitar fit together, immediately creating a new sound for the band which manages to be completely unique but reminded me of some of their older music. The sound of this single even differs from that of their latest release French Kiss, which took on a more upbeat and bouncy rhythm.

The slower, almost haunting feel of Left Hand Side really shows off the quality of Tom’s voice which fits the mood of the song exceptionally well. It counters the light feel of the instruments at the beginning of the track in a really effective way. Once the vocals are introduced, the pace slows down, allowing for more focus on the tone and lyrics. The tempo differs between the verses and chorus however, the drums keep the transitions smooth and showcase Jordan’s talent. The song is definitely a catchy one, and I can see fans enjoying it live!


The chorus is unforgettable enough that fans will be singing along before they’ve even finished their first listen! I think this makes it a track that will be blasted in cars this summer and will quickly become one of the top new releases in the South West. The whole song flows together undeniably well and the instrumental part followed by the addition of the building vocals really catches the listener’s attention, making sure they know the track is building up to something. The track slowly gets more intense in the background as the vocals stay at the same pace which makes the listener further anticipate what this is leading to.

The final chorus is guaranteed to create an amazing atmosphere when the boys get back to gigging again once restrictions are lifted. The track demonstrates something totally new, a completely fresh sound, a new genre, new style of imagery, and it has really paid off. While there are hints at who they draw their inspiration from, the song is entirely their own and defines their image more. Combined with French Kiss which was released in early April, the band have a strong compilation of new singles coming together!


I know I'm not the only one who’s excited to see what they do next! The new singles so far have been quite different but work together really well. The boys continue to surprise their fans in the best ways possible with their music and are really doing their bit to keep morale up during these strange times. I highly recommend going along to at least one of their gigs when you can, they’re definitely a band to watch! In the meantime make sure to check out the new single, and listen to some of their older tunes!

Check out the single here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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