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Figure It Out | Parlour Suns

Parlour Suns are a Plymouth-based pop-rock and alternative-rock band that formed in June 2020. Having previously featured in Flare Magazine with their debut single Embers, the band have set the bar high for their newest release - the second of five brand-new tracks recorded at Momentum Studios to come this year! Embers set a seriously high standard for the band, and their newest release has definitely kept that up!

The newest single, Figure It Out was released today on all major streaming platforms and is nothing short of incredible! Written during the third UK lockdown, the track was put together by the band recording their ideas separately and sending them to each other until they were happy. The track is about not knowing what will help you move on after a break-up - “what happens when commitment issues meet loneliness” and manages to maintain the upbeat, infectious energy that Embers had despite its subject.


Figure It Out is catchy right from the start, keeping a similar tone to the band’s previous single whilst still taking on a new sound at the same time. The single gives off strong Catfish And The Bottlemen vibes, which was one of the inspirations behind the track and really sits up alongside the likes of the indie band well. In my review of Embers, I said that the track holds its own alongside the likes of The Hunna and Circa Waves and after hearing Figure It Out, I stand by my statement. Every single element of the track fits together exceptionally well and really shows off how well Parlour Suns work as a band.

Figure It Out is another seriously strong single that highlights the talent of everyone in the band while being incredibly catchy. It’s well put together, and you’d never know that it had to be written in separate locations due to the lockdown. The finished single carries the same high standard that has been set by the band previously. While it maintains the same kind of sound as Embers, the track brings something totally new from Parlour Suns and definitely leaves you wanting to hear more from them.

Figure It Out, Parlour Suns shot by Chloe Pollard Photography.

A memorable melody and a solid sound are always a strong base for a single but when combined with the personality and energy that Parlour Suns bring, it’s impossible for a song not to be amazing. Figure It Out will definitely be going in my playlists and I highly recommend adding it to yours too! Parlour Suns are a band to watch, I have a feeling that they’re going to bring out some truly incredible music!

If you haven't already, check out Figure It Out on any of the major streaming platforms - give Embers a listen too while you’re there, I can’t recommend it highly enough! Check out Parlour Suns on social media to keep up with their new music - there’s more coming and you really don’t want to miss it! Give Flare Magazine a follow on social media too to keep up with the new music coming out across the UK and get in touch if you’re releasing something new!

Check out the single here!


Words and portrait by Chloe Pollard.

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