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When A Good Man Goes To War | Wes Chamberlain

Wes Chamberlain is an indie pop solo artist based in the South West of the UK whose sound is recognisably made up of “deep guitar, heavy drums, boomy bass, sweet synths and bright vocals.” With two singles, Duvet and I Don't Laugh, and a six-track EP titled A Nebulous Vision having already been released in 2020, this year has seen the release of a brand-new single. Wes’ music “brings you grooves and moods to explore feelings you’ve felt before, but in sound form” and what more could you ask for?

Released today, the new track is titled When A Good Man Goes To War and is available to listen to on all major streaming platforms. Wes’ previous music has tackled issues head-on, for example, I Didn’t Laugh deals with the reality of others not realising how hurtful their words can be. With universal messages, Wes’ music is definitely worth checking out in full! When A Good Man Goes To War is the newest release and keeps the sound going strong!


The new single starts off slowly, with the pace picking up and a really effective speed. This gives the track a professional feel right from the start and sets the tone for the rest of the song. Once the speed picks up and the track really gets going, the tune becomes inescapable and catchy and can be quickly recognised as one of those that will be going around in your head for hours. This doesn't stop when the lyrics come in, in fact, they only make it stronger!

The lyrics have a practical effect on them, the echo really setting them apart from the backing track. It works well and really adds to the depth of the actual words as well as the clear meaning behind them. The clarity and quality of the vocals also show off the professional production of the whole track while being clear and easy to pick up. They’re the type of lyrics that have you able to sing along by the second chorus.


The backing track is incredibly well put together, each element compliments the others to create a perfect blend of talent. A strong backing track goes a long way in creating an amazing single and this one is no exception. With an instrumental ending that links nicely back to the beginning of the single, the track definitely leaves you wanting to hear more! If When a Good Man Goes To War and its production is anything to go on, I think we can expect some really cool things from Wes Chamberlain in the future!

If you haven't already, check out Wes Chamberlain on social media and on Spotify and make sure you don't miss out on today’s new single When a Good Man Goes To War! Check out Duvet, I Didn't Laugh and A Nebulous Vision while you’re there too!

Check out Wes Chamberlain here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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