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Waiting | Joe Hardy

Joe Hardy is a singer and songwriter based in Yeovil, Somerset and has been a friend of mine for over ten years now. I first came across his music through the church, where he leads worship regularly. In late 2016, the launch party for his debut album Without Borders was held there, where Joe played a live set accompanied by brothers Sam and Sol and good friend Isaac Barton which made for a great release party! Joe is not one to ever disappoint with his music and his ambition to make his music as good as it can possibly be is clear to everyone. EP number two was released in 2019 and included live recordings, much to everyone’s delight.


His newest single, titled Waiting, was released on Friday 8th May 2020 and was written and recorded in his own house. Anyone who listens to it wouldn’t realise that the quality is equal to that of a studio and really shows another side of his talent. The song really shows off the quality of his voice which blends really well with the backing vocals and the track itself in a style that fans would know to be his signature.

The single itself was written about the current situation in the UK and across the world and focuses on everyone being more or less confined to their houses in isolation. Despite addressing a serious situation which has a lot of people down and has negatively impacted many of us, the song gives off calm vibes and confronts the issue head-on but in a helpful and peaceful way. It really captures the feeling of saying goodbye to family members and friends with no idea when you’ll be able to see them again. It’s relatable to a lot of people and doesn’t attempt to provide answers or solutions, it’s a heartfelt statement of how Joe, and us, really feel at this time.

The soft opening to the track instantly lets listeners know that this isn’t going to be a heavy, un-calculated response t the UK lockdown, and as the single continues, it spreads hope that there are ways to deal with it. This is a common message in Joe’s music, and while Waiting has a different feel to his previous releases it’s still well within his style which works really well. The track shows off Joe’s talent for songwriting massively because although its a slow song, it’s catchy. That’s no small achievement, especially when you can imagine it being sung live too!

Stripped-back songs are nothing new to fans of Joe’s music, but this one has more of a vulnerable edge to it. It puts into song what many of us are feeling right now in an open and honest way, which makes it beautiful to listen to. It’s written in the style that best shows off Joe’s voice, and the lyrics are so fitting with everything happening right now. The chilled-out guitar supporting Joe’s voice throughout the track provides a strong base and fades into the background, not overshadowing the vocals but at the same time not being overshadowed by any other element of the song.

The single flows seamlessly and leaves the listener wanting to hear more of Joe’s music, which is widely known throughout Somerset and across the South West. Joe is still singing live on the Yeovil Community Church services broadcasts which are available to view on YouTube at ten every Sunday morning. If there’s one word, to sum up Waiting, it’s beautiful. I can't think of any better way to describe it, it’s definitely worth listening to. And while you’re at it, check out Without Borders and Hold Me Close too!

Check out the new single here!


Word and photos by Chloe Pollard.

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