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Venice | Charlotte AP

16-year-old singer-songwriter Charlotte AP released the single Venice and bonus track One Fifty One a year ago on February 21st 2020. She’s had music featured on BBC Introducing and can be frequently seen on the festival scene during the summer. Charlotte has been bringing “a mixture of steampunk vintage and acoustic rock to the stage” since 2018 and has so far released her debut EP and two follow-up singles since then.


Most recently, Charlotte has released Venice alongside the bonus track One Fifty One on Spotify. Charlotte told me that she “wrote all the lyrics and plays all the instruments on the track” which demonstrates her talent amazingly. The aptly named bonus track, One Fifty One was titled after its length and features something a bit different to the previous material, a saxophone.

Venice fits the acoustic singer-songwriter genre well and gives off chilled vibes all the way through. The slow introduction to the track highlights the strength of Charlotte’s voice, which is emphasised even more through the harmonies that come into the background as the song picks up pace towards the chorus. Charlotte manages to keep the acoustic feel of the song while upping the tempo.

This is true for both tracks, both of which suit the image Charlotte presents too. The steampunk edge to her brand mixed with the music she’s producing makes for a strong brand. I think we can expect some great things from Charlotte if these singles, plus her debut three-track EP Carnival and follow-up single Afraid, written about the climate crisis are anything to go by! Charlotte’s strong voice and gift for writing music create an amazing combination and make me look forward to whatever comes next!


If you haven't heard the single, check it out on Spotify and make sure to follow Charlotte on social media to make sure you don't miss out on any new music. Check out previous tracks too while you’re there, they’re definitely worth a listen!

Check out the single here!


Photos by Raffstar Studios, check out their Website and Instagram!

Words by Chloe Pollard.

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