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The Junction - 14/02/20

With Notion, a Torbay-based indie-rock band who are influenced by big names like The Hunna and The 1975, recently opened for The Rezner on one of their tour dates. The Junction has been played by big names over the years such as Circa Waves, but also hosts shows for local talent and smaller bands across the country. With Notion did not disappoint in their performance, engaging with the crowd and each other which gets fans involved.

They were the first band to take the stage on February 14th 2020, and they definitely gained themselves some fans that night! Their new single Drive Night was released a few hours after their set and was a major point of their performance. Nothing gets fans excited quite like a promise of a new single at a live gig. The band is made up of lead vocalist and bassist Rob Knott, lead guitarist Aiden Bond, backing vocalist and rhythm guitarist Greg Evans and drummer Lewis Curtis.

The band had a unified image rather than four individual styles which meant they came across in a professional way and definitely made the crowd think they could go somewhere. The style they presented matched the tone of their music which made the show seamless and made it way harder to ignore what was happening on stage. The engagement with the crowd helped with this and got people involved in their set. Given that they were first on, they drew a good crowd, showcasing their talent in the best way possible.

With Notion fit really well into the line-up too, with a similar style to Quorum and The Rezner, but not too close to it that it became annoying for fans. There was something for fans of all kinds of indie-rock styles on that night which made it a great night for everyone.

It’s definitely worth checking out their new single, Drive Night, as well as their other original material! If you get the chance go and see them play too they’re a great band to see!


Quorum was the second band to take to the stage on Valentine’s Day and they did not disappoint. The band is made up of four lads from Oakhampton, drummer Mack Hodgson, bassist Noah Groves, guitarist Jake Hodgson and frontman Jordan Hookway who brought his usual energy and kept the crowd entertained with his enthusiasm which was reflected in his band members. As a band, they interacted with each other and with the crowd which made the performance so much more engaging for the fans and made an enjoyable evening for everyone.

The boys have proved on many occasions that they know how to capture the attention of the whole room and this was no exception! With an energy similar to that of My Chemical Romance or Panic! At The Disco, it was impossible for anyone to look away. Holding the attention of a crowd of music fans is difficult at the best of times so the fact they were able to for the whole of their set is a testament to their talent.

Their set featured new songs yet to be released, which the crowd loved. Jordan introduced many of their new tracks by telling the crowd how they came about and what inspired them to be written. This was a nice touch as it made them more relatable to the crowd and therefore, more likeable which is never a bad thing. They continued to impress as they played their set flawlessly together. One of the new singles Quroum played was Boyfriend, which is to be released on March 19th and is something their fans are very excited about, and with good reason. If their shows are anything to go by, the new songs are going to be amazing!

Their image, much like The Rezner’s, is consistent across all four of them which makes it easier to focus on the music and the performance. Their image and music are very The 1975, who are extremely popular right now and made them very popular with the other bands and with their fans. Lead singer Jordan has changed his look since the band’s last gig in Oakhampton. He’s dyed his hair purple which gives off more indie-rock vibes. The band members all fit really well together and clearly all get on very well as this is evident in all of their performances.

Guitarist Jake’s talent was showcased during the gig, and he really had fans getting on board with him. Drummer Mack and bassist Noah’s skill was equally broadcast and really pulled the band together to a position where it’s impossible to criticise them. They’re four lovely, friendly guys whose combined talent creates something special. Fans can’t wait for their new singles to be released and to see what they’ll do next and to be honest, I can’t say I blame them!

Quorum is definitely a band to keep an eye on! Their fans think they’re going somewhere and honestly? I think they’re right.


The Rezner headlined The Junction, arguably Plymouth’s most popular music venue, on Valentine’s Day. By the start of their show, the place was almost full so it wasn’t hard to get the crowd moving! The atmosphere of The Junction combined with the energy of the band made for one of the best shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing.

First of all, the band have a clear style. They fit well with each other, their appearance uniting them as a band and making it easier to focus on the energetic performance they were giving. Not that it was hard to miss, the band’s lead singer Sam Stone constantly engaged with the crowd and with his band who matched his level of energy. The show they put on was lively and impossible to look away from. As someone who hasn’t seen them play before, I’ll definitely be checking out more of their shows. The gig was part of the Truro-based band’s tour of the Southwest and definitely did not disappoint their Plymouth-based fans. Many of them turned out to see the show, which only added to the insane energy coming from every corner of the room.

The other bands who were supporting The Rezner, Quorum and With Notion, were equally as impressed and I can’t say I blame them. The images of all three bands who played on this Valentine’s Day evening worked well with each other and kept the night flowing well. The genre of music only differed slightly between the openers and the headliners, but that’s to be expected and this wasn’t a bad difference. It was just enough to separate the main band from the support acts. Quorum and With Notion were leaning more towards an indie genre whereas the headliners were more crossed into the indie-rock scene. This made it easy for the fans to separate the show and to know which band was the main focus of the evening.

The set list was made up of original material and covers which kept the crowd entertained throughout the whole set. The energy from the frontman was on point in both and was mirrored in his bandmates and the crowd. At the end of their set, the band announced they would be returning to Plymouth in late March to play The Junction’s sister venue, The Underground. Fans both old and new, asked band members to repeat the date and I spotted many noting it down with every intention of seeing the band again.

Overall, the main things everyone took away from the show were the energy and the quality of The Rezner’s original material, but mostly, their stage presence. When they were on stage, it was impossible to look away, they had the full attention of everyone in the room for the duration of the set which is a remarkably hard thing to do. This made for an amazing show, I highly recommend going to see The Rezner play!


Words and photography by Chloe Pollard.

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