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Somebody Else | Josh May

Torbay-based singer and guitarist Josh May is known around the area for being the guitarist in the indie-rock band The Kaizens. The band is already well known across the South West, so Josh had an audience ready and waiting to listen when he branched out into solo work, releasing his own single Understand last year. Most recently, Josh has released a new cover of The 1975's Somebody Else which was accompanied by a brand-new music video shot by James Dundon.

As someone who's known Josh for a while, the video fits his music taste and his personality extremely well. The coloured lighting and the dimly lit room really suit the song choice well too - it's an incredible project all around! The video gives off strong live gig vibes, something everyone’s definitely missing right now and fills that gap well. The lighting works well and aids the feeling of a live performance effectively as well as giving the whole video an incredible cinematic feel.

The single itself takes on more of a rock feel than the original version by The 1975 and it really works well, bringing a new sound and a different take on the track! As an already well-known song by a huge band, I think it was important for Josh to bring something new to it and he really has. The single really shows off Josh’s voice and his talent on guitar, through which his clear love for music and performing comes across in a really effective way.

Releasing a video covering Somebody Else is a great way to follow the release of Understand last year, a track that had a personal message behind it. This video fits in with Josh’s image well at the same time as showing his fans and fans of The Kaizens a different side to his music - one that I think will be incredibly well received! The video itself is exceptionally filmed and fits incredibly well with the track and with the new feel Josh brings to it. Cutting in all the right places, the footage combined with the talent of Josh’s production of the track makes it impossible to lose interest in the video.

With the colours changing with the shots, the feel of being at a live gig is brought back effectively and definitely leaves people wanting to go and see Josh play live! It definitely left me wanting to see what Josh will do next! If you haven't already, make sure to check out the video and follow Josh on social media to make sure you don't miss any new announcements!

Check out the video here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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