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Run Away | Rafael Richardson

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Indie-alternative singer-songwriter Rafael Richardson hails from Doncaster in the UK and is described as “a pianist, singer-songwriter and self-taught guitarist.” Rafael has previously featured in Flare Magazine with his last single, Poison, and takes inspiration from bands such as The Last Shadow Puppets and The Libertines, influences which you can definitely hear in his work!


Rafael’s debut single, Missed Call was followed up by Poison and now by his newest single featuring Martha Goddard, Run Away. All three singles are available on all major streaming platforms now, and you should definitely check them out if you’re a fan of indie music! Run Away was released on August 7th and has a more acoustic and stripped-back sound to Missed Call and Poison! It does retain that familiar feeling however, that makes you think you must have heard it somewhere before but on trying to place it, however, its originality shines through!

Run Away works well as an acoustic single but has a sound that coils and also works as a heavier track, something that’s no small achievement for a third single! It’s upbeat and has a relatable feeling to it which is only aided by the clear and easy-to-pick-up lyrics and the energy within them. The track has a positive energy about it that just makes the listener happy when they hear it and definitely leaves them wanting to listen to more!


Featuring Martha Goddard, the chorus contains some seriously effective harmonies. They bring a whole new layer to the track and only add to the energy and positivity the single gives off. The catchiness of the chorus’ melody also makes the track memorable and is sure to leave it going around in your head for a while after you’ve listened to it! Run Away has an energy that makes it impossible to not nod along to it and will definitely leave anyone wanting to hear more of Rafael’s music!

It’s a strong third single for the artist and combined with Poison and Missed Call, makes me excited to see what will come next! Run Away was released on August 7th, if you haven't already, make sure to check it out on any of the major streaming platforms! Don't forget to check out Rafael’s social media at the same time! Give Flare Magazine a follow on social media too to keep up with the new music coming out across the UK and get in touch if you’re releasing something new!

Check out the single here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

Photo by Bevin Jacob, provided by Rafael Richardson.

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