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Remembering | Ethyrfield

Ethyrfield are an “independent up-and-coming progressive rock trio based in the UK” made up of lead vocalist and bassist Zach Cornish, guitarist and vocalist Ben Cornish and drummer Dan Aston. The band have been making waves in the music industry since they formed in 2014 and definitely have plans to make more in the near future with a new single out now and a new album lined up for release!

The band have definitely been busy over the last year, releasing the first single from the new album on May 3rd. Titled Remembering, the song is “a perfect example of how the band uses contrasting genres, dynamics and an intoxicating melodic hook to create a unique blend of sounds” - something that’s sure to keep everyone interested! Remembering is the start of the build-up to the release of the album, In Delirium, which is due for release on June 16th.


The single comes in strong, immediately showing off the strength of Zach’s voice which is well suited to the genre and to the track itself. Remembering manages to maintain a high level of energy whilst still giving off a stripped-back feel at the beginning. One of the many things that makes this track totally unique! Each of the three band members works well together and has really created a strong image and sound for the band!

With a strong lead, the backing has a lot to live up to, and it certainly does! Each part of the backing fits incredibly well alongside the rest, nothing is competing, and nothing is overshadowing anything else which only serves as further proof that the band really know what they’re doing! The track comes together perfectly and works so well as a recording that I can only imagine the reaction it will get played live!

Creating a solid base for the single, the backing builds up effectively where necessary and really highlights the talent Ben and Dan have for performing! This is only further shown off later on in the song when the instrumental fully highlights how well these three work together as well as their clear passion for music. When the hard rock really kicks in, the already high energy becomes completely infectious, and it becomes even more impossible to sit still and listen!


With so many different paces, the band’s talent for writing is clear. Each pace works with the rest and none of them feels out of place, they all work together to create something completely unique while keeping the listener actively invested in the track they’re hearing with a contagious energy throughout! The fade-out at the end links back to the beginning and closes the track nicely but leaves an edge of curiosity at the end that makes you want to hear more!

Luckily you can! Remembering was released on May 3rd and is one of the singles from Ethyrfield’s brand-new album, In Delirium which is set to release on June 16th. Make sure you check the single out and give the band a follow on social media to make sure you don’t miss out on that - Ethyrfield is a band to watch!

Check out the single here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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