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Pixelated Soundwaves | Lailana

Lailana is a Lebanese/Filipino singer-songwriter currently based in London who has recently released her new single Pixelated Soundwaves back in March. Having had a musical background in music and having travelled the world with her music, playing in some incredible places such as Dubai, Los Angeles, the Philippines and so many more, it’s safe to say that Lailana has already attracted an international audience!

Pixelated Soundwaves was released back on March 19th and was written: “about someone who is stuck in a vicious cycle - specifically drug abuse - and how they can’t get out of the rabbit hole they’re stuck in.” Tackling some serious issues, the single comes from both points of view, the person stuck in the vicious cycle and the person trying to help them get out of it. With the single having been streamed almost 3000 times already on Spotify alone, the music video is sure to only amp up the streams!


Released on April 9th, the music video is a fast-paced, cinematic production which has clearly been professionally produced. The low lighting mixed with bright colours fits the song well whilst still showing personality and consistency with Lailana’s image. With a mix of serious, darker scenes and lighter, colourful ones the video has a good balance of each perspective within the song itself and the fast pace it maintains keeps in with the lyrics of the track.

Pixelated Soundwaves as a single itself is catchy and with a familiar-sounding melody, it’s instantly recognisable. While the tune sounds familiar, on trying to place it becomes truly unique and completely original! The track suits Lailana’s voice well and really shows off her talent, making it obvious that she’s clearly had a background in music! It tackles a difficult subject head-on, I think and handles it well.

When it comes to the track’s production, Lailana “wanted to compare that to what the song actually is…Pixelated Soundwaves.” Written out on paper, the track looks “kind of looks like a graph that is on a constant incline to decline” which “is also a reference to the way one hears and feels music differently when under the influence of strong substances.” Pixelated Soundwaves demonstrates Lialana’s talent for writing music as much as it does her talent for performing it.


The track as a whole really shows off each aspect of Lailana’s clear talent and obvious passion for music, something that is always needed in a track. The music video really combines personality, image and a subject that theoretically, should contrast the bright, colourful and bubbly scenes far more than it does. Instead, it fits alongside them well which really helps to portray the messages behind the track.

If you haven't already, check out Pixelated Soundwaves on any of the major streaming platforms, and check out the music video available to watch now! Follow Lailana on social media too to make sure you don’t miss out on anything new coming soon!

Check out the single here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

Photo by Lailana.

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