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Lucid Hallucinations | Pylon Poets

If you haven't already heard of the Torquay-based three-piece alternative rock band Pylon Poets, they’re definitely one you should check out immediately! With lead vocals, synths and guitar provided by Dan Hughes, drums and backing vocals by Sam McIver and bass and backing vocals by Nathan Hughes, the band bring a unique sound to the South West music scene. Inspired by the sounds of dynamic and powerful synth and rock bands, their influences are clear without compromising the individuality of their sound.

2020 has seen the release of three new singles, which will all feature on the band’s new and highly anticipated EP Lucid Hallucinations. Due for release on December 18th, the EP is sure to be a hit! Three of the four tracks are already out and ready to listen to, Breathe was released in March, followed by Abandon in July and most recently Rise and Call at the beginning of November. The fourth track, Reverie, will be released as the leading track of the EP later in the month. Lucid Hallucinations has an energy to it that’s infectious and makes it impossible to sit still, you simply can’t not bop along!


First up on the EP; Reverie. A strong opening gives a sense of the energy of the song, and therefore the whole album. The lively tone that the track demonstrates right from the start fits the band solidly within the alternative rock genre and sets up the EP in a highly effective way. The rhythm of the tune changes regularly which works really well and helps to keep the pace up, especially the small pauses between words in the build-up to the chorus. These changes capture the listener’s interest and really add to the modern rock feel of the song. The repetition of the track makes it memorable and easy to pick up, making me certain this will be a huge hit live as well as as a recording. Reverie is a great choice of track to start the EP off, its continuously contagious energy and the sudden ending definitely leave you wanting to hear more. And if this track is anything to go by, the album is sure to be amazing!

Following on from that amazing opening track, Abandon continues the EP with the same power as Reverie. It immediately feels more electronic than the first track, however, which showcases a different side of the band’s music without feeling unfamiliar. Guitar and drums are added in quickly and provide a rhythm it’s impossible not to nod along to. However, throughout the song, it’s the bass and drums that keep the rhythm going alongside the vocals. This track really broadcasts the talent of each band member individually, as well as shows off how well they work together. Building up to the chorus, the track takes on a tone that leaves you desperately wanting to hear more. A familiar yet original melody makes sure the second track fits really well with the first, giving the album a consistent and united feel already. Produced and recorded by Momentum Studios, Abandon is just as memorable as Reverie in terms of the sleek way it’s been put together. This tune is definitely going to be stuck in my head for a while!


Possibly my favourite song on the EP is track number three, Breathe. This track gives off more soft rock vibes than the others to me, but it still manages to be just as catchy and energetic! Something that really stood out to me in this song was the harmonies. Adding depth and another layer to the track, really make you listen closer and notice how well the voices are suited to the song. Despite the slight difference in tone in this tune, it fits really well with the rest of the EP. The track is easy to pick up on and had me singing along before I’d even finished a first listen! I can see this track being a huge hit live too, with the abrupt but effective ending leaving room to effectively lead into other songs. Having been the first of the tracks to be released back in March, the single brings the three singles together and unites them all in the album. This is definitely a tune worth listening to!

The fourth and final song on the EP, Rise and Call has yet another high-energy introduction which reinforces the infectious spirit of the track. The rhythm and the vocals sit really nicely together; supporting, complimenting and showcasing one another equally as they continuously change. Like in the last song on the EP, Breathe, harmonies add another dimension to the track and further prove how well everyone’s voices blend together. Rise and Call is a great song to close the EP with and 100% leaves you wanting to listen to more of Pylon Poets’ music! The whole album just works - everything fits together seamlessly and it has been produced amazingly.

If you haven’t already, check out Pylon Poets’ music, including their three new singles on all major streaming platforms! Make sure to follow them on social media too to make sure you don't miss out! Lucid Hallucinations will be released on December 18th and I definitely recommend listening to it. It's 100% worth it!

Check out Pylon Poets here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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