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Just One Week Remix | Max Tyler

If you haven't heard of him already, Max Tyler is a new synthesizer-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist from the South West who has recently featured in Flare Magazine with the release of his single Just One Week back in late February. Max has now released his very own remix of the track and has managed to make it even catchier and upbeat, something I didn't think was possible! Just One Week explored a new genre and proved that there seems to be no type of music Max can't master! The standard was kept up with the remix!

The remix gives off different vibes right from the off, with a slightly different rhythm and a more modernised version of the already memorable melody. Just One Week was already catchy, but this takes it to a new level! It really lives up to the genre Max likes to work in and has been professionally put together with the same attention to detail as before, which once again, really shows in the quality of the end result.


With a change in the melody and structure of the song, the harmonies and vocals give off the same infectious energy that they did in the original and definitely aren't overshadowed by everything else that’s going on. Each element of the track fits together well and manages to create something entirely new whilst still feeling similar enough to the original recording of Just One Week - something that’s not easy to do!

Max’s remix of Just One Week really solidifies the talent he’s already displayed for writing and producing music, and definitely makes me excited to see what he’s going to do next! If you haven't heard it already, check out Just One Week. Both the original and the remix are worth a listen!

Make sure to check out the new single on YouTube, and don’t forget to follow Max on social media to keep up with new releases! If you enjoyed the review, make sure to share it around and help us keep supporting up-and-coming talent in the entertainment industry!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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