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Just One Week | Max Tyler

Max Tyler is a new synthesizer-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist from the South West who has been releasing music on Soundcloud for the last two years. Previous tracks such as Sleep, Dark Skies and Bleeding Trust have spanned several different genres, including alternative, ambient, folk and singer-songwriter. His latest release, however, solidly fits into the electronic genre!

Released on February 20th, Max’s newest single is titled Just One Week and really lives up to the “lively solo artist creating a euphoric emotional experience through eye-opening electronic music” description given in his bio. The track comes a year after the previous release, Bright Eyes and showcases an entirely new side of Max’s talent! Branching out into a new genre, the single leaves you wondering if there's any type of music Max can't master!


Right from the start the track is upbeat and demands some form of bobbing along. The single builds up slowly but still maintains that upbeat pace, making it clear that the track isn’t going to lack in energy at any point! Some of the elements making up the backing are stripped back when the vocals come in, meaning that the full focus of the listener is on the voice. Suited well to the track and the pace, the vocals are clear and easy to pick up and therefore make the track enjoyable to listen to!

Just One Week has been professionally put together, which shows in the quality of the end result. Harmonies are brought into the track and the layering of the vocals proves this while adding a whole new dimension to the single. The backing track which provides a solid base for the single and supports the vocals amazingly adds to this further and shows off Max’s talent for writing and producing music!


The single’s energy is consistent throughout the entirety of the song and is infectious enough to make it impossible to sit still while listening to it! A catchy melody and clear lyrics make Just One Week easy to pick up and make sure it’s still going around in your head long after the song has ended!

Make sure to check out the new single on Soundcloud, and don’t forget to follow Max on social media to keep up with any new updates! If you enjoyed the review, share it around and help us keep supporting up-and-coming talent in the entertainment industry!

Check out the single here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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