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I Should Be In London | James Jack

James Jack has already been featured in Flare Magazine this year after the release of his third single, Spike Me back in January. The singer-songwriter currently based in Bath has consistently produced some seriously high-quality tracks over the last year with, Can We Talk? and Crush as well as Spike Me. Can We Talk? has hit over 4K streams since its release in August, and I can see James’ newest track going the same way!

The beginning of May marked the release of James’ newest single, I Should Be In London debuted on the first of the month and James said it “was written as an escape call after 4 weeks of the UKs first national lockdown while dreaming about all the plans I had made for the upcoming months” - something we can all relate to. The track is available to listen to now on all major streaming platforms and I definitely recommend checking it out!


I Should Be In London takes on a more stripped-back and chilled tone compared to James’ previous music, which works really well! It shows off his voice in an entirely new way and really proves that James is definitely suited to more than one genre. The slow-paced feel of the song matches the subject it was written about and showcases James’clear talent for writing effectively too.

The track clearly means a lot to James and you can hear that clearly within both the lyrics and the backing. I Should Be In London really conveys a strong passion for music that makes the track a pleasure to listen to; music that has a clear love behind it is always easier for the listener to connect with and combined with the meaning behind this particular song, it’s especially easy to connect to.

Production-wise, the single is incredibly well put together and has definitely kept up the high standards set by previous releases. If anything, James has raised his already high standard with this track! A catchy melody and its professional production really suit the song and James’ voice well, making I Should Be In London a deserving winner of The Old Bakery’s Live Lounge Competition last year.


The single really does feel like a conversation and is definitely a great addition to James’ catalogue. It’s memorable, catchy and relatable - three things that definitely make a great track! Being acoustic, the track shows off a different side of James’ talent both in writing, performance and production. I said before that we can expect incredible things from James Jack, and I stand by that.

May is officially off to a great start with the release of I Should Be In London! If you haven't already, make sure to give it a listen, you definitely won’t be disappointed! Make sure to follow James on social media too and check out Can We Talk?, Crush and Spike Me. All tracks are available on Spotify and are definitely worth listening to!

Check out James' music here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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