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Handle With Care | Guerilla State

Belfast-based rock group Guerilla State have previously featured twice in Flare Magazine with their debut single Never Taking Me and debut EP Autonomy: Part One. The band is made up of two members from Ireland and Australia, and through their music, they address current issues head-on, bringing them to light in a fair and free way. Guerilla State provides “a strong musical commentary on the social and political intricacies of the modern world” through a form of media that we can all relate to.

If you haven't already heard Guerilla State’s music, make sure to check out Never Taking Me and Autonomy: Part One on any of the major streaming platforms! June will see the release of their next single, Handle With Care and if previous music is anything to go by, it’s sure to be amazing! The single comes just over three months after the release of the six-track EP and definitely doesn’t disappoint! It brings back the familiar sound of Guerilla State’s energetic and memorable music.


Coming in with an infectious energy right away, Handle With Care have you bopping along right from the start. The track builds up nicely and as each layer is added, it serves as a reminder of how good Guerilla State are at writing and producing as well as performing! Given that the single was recorded, mixed and mastered by Guerilla State at their home studios, the exceptional quality of the track is brought home even further!

Having only released one single and one EP previously, the band have managed to create a seriously strong brand and sound which is no mean feat! As soon as the track starts playing, it’s instantly recognisable as a Guerilla State track. To create that kind of recognition at such an early stage is an incredible achievement! Whilst carrying the familiarity of the band, the track also brings something brand new and extremely intriguing!


With the energy that’s kept up throughout the entire track and the lyrics that are clear and easy to sing along to, I can only imagine how much of a hit this track is going to be live! This combined with the amazingly catchy and aminated instrumental section keeps up the high standard previously set in the ep and single and has helped massively in the overall strength of the single. Guerilla State has created a strong and unique sound and it’s definitely paying off!

You’d never believe this was only a second single with just a listen! It’s clear that the band know what they’re doing and has proven again that they’re definitely one to keep an eye on in the future! If you haven't already, make sure to set a reminder for the release of the single, Handle With Care will be available to stream on June 11th and is definitely not one to miss! Give Guerilla State a follow on social media to make sure you don't miss out on anything, trust me you don’t want to!

Check out Guerilla State here!

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