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Go | Quorum

The newest single that Quorum has lined up for release is called Go and represents a new sound for the band. It’s a totally new, totally unique sound compared to their previous EP Art Is Dead. The band made up of frontman Jordan Hookway, guitarist Jake Hodgson, drummer Mack Hodgson and bassist Noah Groves, has lined the catchy new single up for release on the 18th of this month so be sure to keep an eye out!

A stripped-back version of the single featured in Jordan’s live stream and was a hit with the people watching! It offered a different side of the track that proves the track is still amazing as a stripped-back acoustic single. However, the energy of the whole band performing it together will always be a privilege to watch. If for some reason you haven’t seen the band live, why not? They’re genuinely amazing to watch and it’s definitely worth a trip down to the South West to see them. Their energy makes it impossible to stand still and watch them no matter how hard you try.

The single starts off with a calm, acoustic tone to it, which is highly effective at drawing the listener in. Despite the laid-back opening to the song, fans are still very aware that this isn’t going to be the stripped-back tune it makes itself out to be. When the chorus hits and the guitars get heavier the mood changes completely and are replaced by a more intense, almost desperate tone. Mack’s drums keep the pace of the song steady throughout and support the change in the mood really well, linking the different tones and moods together smoothly.

Later on, in the song, Jake’s talent is demonstrated again which makes for a great tune to blast in the car when life returns to normal. The guitar riffs fit in really well with the drums and make for a great base for the song. What struck me about this single, is how well it promotes the talent of each individual band member at the same time, for the entire time it’s playing. The instruments work really smoothly together and make the track really enjoyable to listen to.

This track showcases the vocal range of lead singer Jordan and further proves his capability to sing softer more acoustic songs as well as more hardcore rock songs within the same song. Both sides of his voice are shown off in this song, and it has really paid off.

He told me that “the songs about people talking about leaving their home town and not really having it in them to go”, which I think is something a lot of us can relate to!

The production quality is thanks to Momentum Studios which is based in Plymouth. They have excelled on all three of Quorum’s new singles! The tracks sound amazing and I can’t wait for everyone to hear them! I’m sure they’ll make their way into many of our playlists and will definitely be featured in ours!

Make sure to check out Quorum on social media and on Spotify and YouTube! Give the music video for the band’s newest release Boyfriend a watch too and witness the talent of James Fidge of YeahDawgie! If you can make it, I highly recommend seeing these guys live, it’ll be a gig you never forget! Keep watch on their Facebook page to find out when and where to see them!

Keep an eye out for Go on April 18th too! Trust me it isn’t one to be missed!

Check out the new single here!


Words and photos by Chloe Pollard.

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