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First Hit | Terreyl Fields

Having started out as a model, Terreyl Fields turned his hand to music in 2019 when he released his debut single FUN. Unsurprisingly the single landed well and has become the base for the seven singles and the EP he’s released since then. With “captivating visuals and bouncy, bass-hitting dance floor anthems” it's definitely fair to say that Terryl has “helped create a refreshed feel within art as a collective.”

Music was originally something Terreyl did for himself alongside modelling for some big brands. 2020 saw the release of his debut EP, titled First Hit which definitely leaves an impact on listeners! Featuring five tracks; Intro/Prophecy, Spacing, Slice Slide, Bby Boi and Kodak Moment, it's clear from the start that Terreyl has worked incredibly hard on producing the EP.


Track one, Intro/Prophecy starts off with an immediately catchy tune. It sets the pace and the tone for the EP well without giving too much away, meaning everyone will still be drawn in to listen to the rest of the album - exactly what you want from track one! It demonstrates the clear talent Terreyl has for writing as well as producing right from the off.

Song two is just as catchy, taking on an altogether different feel to Intro/Prophecy. Spacing manages to be completely different yet still fit into the context of the EP, which isn't a small achievement! The consistency of each track really gives First Hit a strong image and a clear sound, immediately making it stand out from the crowd. With a strong image and a solid sound, it's hard to ignore the strength of the EP.

Up next is Terreyl’s personal favourite track from the EP, Slice Slide. Once again coming in with a totally different sound, the track demands to be listened to! Starting off much slower than the previous two songs, Slice Slide gives of Post Malone vibes to me while still being completely original. Really fitting well into the EP, the track further demonstrates Terreyl’s talent for both writing and producing. I’d have to say this song is my favourite too!


Bby Boi follows on from Slice Slide and changes the tone again, bringing it back to a sound more similar to the beginning of the album. The track is just as strong as the rest and really fits in well. The production is professional and really shows off the song in the best way possible. Bby Boi is definitely enough to make the listener intrigued about how the album will end and enough to rightly raise their expectations!

Kodak Moment is the final track on Terreyl Fields’ debut EP and it brings the album to a good close. It links each different sound together exceptionally and is the track to bring the whole EP together at the end. Kodak Moment is definitely a strong closing track for the EP and makes the listener want to hear more! Reinforcing the skill involved to produce an EP of this quality, the track leaves you expecting some great things from Terreyl Fields in the future!

If you haven't already, check the EP out on any of the major streaming platforms and make sure to follow Terreyl Fields on social media to be sure you don't miss out on any new music!

Check out the EP here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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