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Empire | Flipside

If you haven’t already heard of Flipside, you definitely need to check them out! As a three-piece alternative-rock band based in Cornwall, the group is bringing a fresh new sound to the local music scene. The heavy grunge feel that they bring to their music gives them a unique sound and makes it impossible to get their music out of your head! Not that you’d want to when it’s so brilliantly made of course! Flipside released their debut EP, Lunatic Asylum this year which features five songs including Isolated Dreams and Hypno. They followed the release of this EP with a reworked and entirely new version of track one of Lunatic Asylum; Empire. The single was released alongside Don’t Leave in July.

The single starts off strong, with a solid introduction coming in and building up steadily before the vocals start to come in. While the backing builds up gradually, it isn't slow and is done in a way which sets the pace of the song and places it squarely within the alternative-rock genre within the first few seconds. This in turn creates a strong image for the band while setting up the rest of the single. Each element of the backing gets its own introduction, meaning that the talent of each member of the band is showcased equally, both together and individually as the way in which the track builds means the listener is focusing on each new addition to the backing as it’s added. Then when each component has been brought in, we’re given a moment to appreciate them all together.

The vocals are solid and perfectly suited to the alternative rock and grunge genres of music. Sitting flawlessly over the backing track, all elements of this single work really well alongside each other, supporting and showcasing each other extremely effectively. Guitar solos are used to split the song up and provide breaks between vocals. Showing off the skill of the band further, these instrumental sections keep the pace going while adding a new dimension to the track, giving it more depth. Further emphasising the heavy grunge vibes and the talent of the band, the strong backing of the song provides a consistent base for the changing elements such as the vocals and guitar rhythms.

The catchy tune means that Empire will be playing in your head for a good while, it’s memorable and easy to pick up quickly. I can definitely see a crowd going crazy for this song live when gigs start to return properly! The amount of energy in even just the recorded version of the single will have people bopping along. Layers in the introduction and throughout the song are highly effective and sit extremely well together. Empire 100% leaves you wanting to hear more of Flipside’s music!

If, like me, you can't wait to see what the band do next, don't forget to follow Flipside on social media to make sure you don’t miss out on any new music in the future, and if you haven't already, make sure to check the single out on Spotify, it's definitely worth a listen!

Check out the single here!


Words and Photos by Chloe Pollard.

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