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Embers | Parlour Suns

Parlour Suns are a Plymouth based pop-rock and alternative-rock band who formed in June 2020. Previously known as With Notion, the band have received well deserved radio plays for their tracks Give It A Try and Drive Night. Parlour Suns have recorded five new tracks with Momentum Studios since forming last summer, and the first was released recently! With the rest of the tracks set for release throughout the year, it’s definitely going to be a good year for music!

The first of the five new tracks to be released came out on April 30th. Embers “is a memoir of everyone’s first love” and with its upbeat energy, definitely portrays that “it was written in the memory of weekend beach parties and being age 17. Sitting by the fire and embracing a moment of stress free youth, a moment in which we had no intention to grow up from.” Embers is a seriously strong debut for the band and is one hundred percent worthy of a listen!


The energy that comes in right from the start is instantly infectious and immediately lightens the mood of the person listening. There’s a clear love of music and of the song behind the track right from the beginning which only adds to the incredible way the track has been put together. Embers is a track that if released on a global scale by one of the world’s biggest bands, would do amazingly well. It’s sleek production and the clear talent of everyone involved really pushes it up where it could quite easily sit alongside the big names like The Hunna and Circa Waves.

Each band member’s talent is shown off effectively in the track, with a professionally put together backing that provides a solid base for the single without having any element overshadowing another and strong vocals that are so well suited to both the genre and the single itself. Embers isn't a song to listen to on a low volume, it demands to be turned up and doesn’t let your attention wander at all. It’s impossible to not pay attention to the captivating and catchy rhythm!

Parlour Suns promo image shot by Chloe Pollard Photography.

There’s a solid image and sound present in the single, making it an incredibly strong debut for Parlour Suns. That combined with the energy in the single, makes me certain that it’s going to be a huge hit live. On listening to Embers, I was amazed by how much I loved it! I haven't heard a debut track as strong as this one in a long time and it definitely makes me excited to hear the rest of the music Parlour Suns are bringing out this year!

Overall, Parlour Suns have definitely created a single to be proud of and I would highly recommend giving it a listen. Make sure to check out their social media too to make sure you don't miss out on anything - trust me you don't want to!

Check out the single here!


Words and image by Chloe Pollard.

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