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Ego | Shake The Geek

Accurately described online as “a female-fronted rock powerhouse”, Shake The Geek is an energetic south-west based band who I had the pleasure of photographing at Lapstock back in 2019. The four-piece rock band is made up of vocalist and guitarist Ella Crossland, lead guitarist Freedom Wall, bassist Fletch Robinson and drummer Finn Mcauley. Having had the privilege of working with them before, the outstanding quality of their new music was no surprise to me! Produced by Ben Green at Studio 54 in Exeter, the track is really a testament to the quality of recordings they produce on a regular basis.

June 26th saw the release of their highly anticipated single Ego, proving that lockdown hasn’t stopped them in their tracks. The release of the new single came after the amazing response to their debut single Jenga, which I highly recommend you check out on YouTube and Spotify it's definitely worth a look! Both Jenga and Ego show off the talent of each band member to no end and really give off a strong theme, fitting them well within the rock genre. The sound of these singles is totally unique and completely different to even to what I heard at Lapstock a year ago!

The single starts off with a chilled-out opening that gives off laid-back acoustic vibes. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security however, the pace picks up quickly! The first thing that struck me was the quality of lead singer Ella’s voice, the vocals are clear and the style really leans towards the strength of her voice, showcasing her talent in the most effective way possible. The track blends really well with both rock and indie tunes so it’s sure to fit into your playlists!

Further on in the song, the guitars build up smoothly which leads up to the chorus nicely and, when mixed with the drums, form a solid base for the energy of the chorus. The skill of each individual band member is clearly shown through the single which only enhances their overall sound. The drums and guitars work well together throughout the track and the bass really comes through. The whole feel of the song reminds me of some of the Foo Fighters’ material with the contrast of the more chilled-out verses and infectiously energetic chorus.

Ego is definitely a tune to blast at full volume in the car! The small instrumental sections splitting the song up make it physically impossible to listen to at a socially acceptable volume. The quieter bridge leads up perfectly to the final chorus, adding another layer of depth to the song and further highlighting the passion and energy of the band as a group.


Although the song has been heard by many crowds over the years, this studio recording really captures the passion and the emotion behind the lyrics as well as highlighting the musical talent of the band members and Ben Green from Studio 54. If you haven’t heard any of Shake the Geek’s tracks before, make sure you go find them on Spotify and YouTube, it’s one hundred per cent worth it!

Check out the single here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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