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Doubts | Quorum

If for some reason you haven’t heard of Quorum yet, this is a good track to get started with! In case you missed the releases of Boyfriend and Go earlier in the year and are just hearing of Quorum for the first time right now, they’re an indie rock band from Devon made up of lead singer Jordan Hookway, guitarist Jake Hodgson, drummer Mack Hodgson and bassist and vocalist Noah Groves.

The new single is called Doubts and is the last of their three new releases during lockdown, following on from Boyfriend and Go. The track’s music video was shot by the incredibly talented James Fidge of YeahDawgie and is one to look out for! Doubts is due to be released on August 21st and having heard the song and witnessed the video production, I’m definitely excited! I have no doubt that it’ll be met with countless positive reactions, having already been played on BBC Introducing before it’s even been released!

The tune has a catchy intro that's sure to be bouncing around your head for days. The vocals are quick to follow and once again, are a testament to Jordan’s talent, and the quality of Momentum Studios which makes them easy to pick up and sing along with. The talent of the whole band is showcased from the very start of the track and shows off how well they all work together. The vocals are clear and easy to follow making it virtually impossible to not sing along when you inevitably press repeat!

The track itself is memorable, but the chorus really stood out to me and no matter how many times I hear the song I can’t not sing along to it! The rest of the single fits really well together, each part sitting well amongst the others and therefore making a really strong backing to show off Jordan’s vocals. Noah’s backing vocals also really add to the chorus and give it a whole new dimension. The voices work well together and the combination really makes the chorus stand out, enough so that it's really difficult not to turn the volume right up!

The praise doesn’t stop there! The bridge builds naturally and effectively up to the final chorus and really gets the listener bopping in preparation! This followed by the slower ending really makes for a good combination when paired with the fade at the end of the track. It leaves you wanting more of their music and is definitely one of the strongest singles I’ve heard in a while! These last three releases really work together well and solidify the band’s image which is always a really important thing to achieve.

If you missed the last two singles Quorum released, or even if you didn’t for that matter, make sure to give them a listen too! Boyfriend and Go can be found on Spotify and Youtube and will prove to you that this band is only capable of releasing amazing content if I haven't managed to convince you of that yet! Make sure to check the band’s social media out too to keep up with their music. I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next!

Check out the single here!


Words and images by Chloe Pollard.

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