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December Daisies | Saff Juno

Devon-based musician Saff Juno first started making a mark on the music industry with gigs including the most recent Glastonbury Festival and Exeter Respect Festival back in 2017. Following that, the debut demo Tired Heart really solidified Saff's presence in the industry. Having been released back in February this year, fans haven't had to wait long for another single to come along.

December Daisies is about my personal journey to becoming comfortable with being alone and how I’ve learnt to love myself.”

The personal aspects of the song give it a warm feel, making it clear that the song has been inspired by the personal experiences of the writer. For a lot of people, this is what makes a good song and in this case, it definitely makes the track powerful. Lined up to be released on December 27th, the single is definitely one to look out for!


Starting off in a calm and relaxed way, the track initially gives off strong 1975 vibes and hints at the relaxed and acoustic feel the rest of the track will have. Further in, the singer-songwriter genre is really solidified by the stripped-back atmosphere of the backing track. This contrasts the lyrics which have been put together over the past few years and tackles the serious issue of abuse within relationships. Saff told me that “the lyrics felt very raw, but powerful when I sing it now” and I can see why. It’s clear that the power behind these words has come from a deep understanding of the issue.

An almost haunting melody, aided by the echoing effect on the vocals, adds to this contrast whilst showing off the strength and range of Saff’s voice which is perfectly suited to the song. December Daisies sounds professionally produced which further showcases Saff’s talent as a musician while also leaving you wondering what will come next. The backing track shows Saff to be an accomplished musician, and while accompaniment can carry as much weight as the vocal, here it directs all attention to the voice and therefore the lyrics which helps to boost the reasoning behind the song itself.


Lyrics in the track are clear and easy to pick up, the effect on the vocals creating an almost ethereal effect which adds to the haunting influence of the words themselves. When combined with the harmonies present in the song, the single is sure to leave a lasting impact on the listener and will definitely need to be listened to again. December Daisies has themes of personal trauma while remaining emotionally relevant to us all. With December Daisies Juno leaves us with her love of music and motivation for creation. Portraying both the reason for writing it and a love of music at the same time is a difficult thing to achieve, but Saff has definitely managed it with December Daisies. An altogether powerful song!

The track will be released on December 27th and I definitely recommend going to check it out. Give Saff a follow on social media too to make sure you don't miss out on anything coming up!

Check out Saff's music here!

And her Facebook and Instagram!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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