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Breathe Deep | Charlie Hewlett

Charlie Hewlett is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter based in North Devon and was featured in an interview for Flare Magazine earlier this year, which you can check out here for a deeper look into his background as a musician! Having grown up immersed in the outdoors since he was young, a lot of Charlie’s inspiration comes from there however he also writes songs centred around mental health with the goal of music becoming an escape.

Recently, Charlie released a new EP titled Breathe Deep which has already been viewed over 250 times on YouTube! The EP features four brand-new tracks, Dust In My Hair, All The People, Two Feet and Away From Home and the views are going up by the day! Each track has a slightly different feel to it, but all fit together incredibly well within the context of the EP. Charlie has created a solid sound, arguably one of the most important aspects of an EP, and made it look easy!


Dust In my Hair is first up on the album and has a stripped-back feel to it right from the start. The upbeat but still calm pace really builds the song up nicely, not too fast and not too slow. Keeping the pace solid makes the track enjoyable to listen to and really draws attention to Charlie’s voice when the vocals come in. The layering of the vocals works really well with the feel of the track and highlights the catchy rhythm. With clear lyrics and the perfect pace for the track, Charlie has managed to create an incredible opening song to his EP, one that makes people really want to hear more!

Track two is titled All The People and has a different feel to Dust In My Hair altogether whilst still being similar enough to fit well within the EP. Its melody is just as catchy as the previous tracks and the pace of the track fluctuates as it goes on. Picking up and slowing down suddenly, the track is brought right into the spotlight, it’s definitely not one that can just be on in the background. Demanding the full attention of the listener, All The People really draws attention and makes it impossible not to listen to the rest of the album.


Next up on the EP: Two Feet, a track that manages to feel incredibly familiar whilst still being completely original. Two Feet fits in well as the third track on the album, linking back to Dust In My Hair nicely with its chilled and stripped-back feel. The song creates a good bridge between the two tracks we’ve already heard and with its catchy tune and easy-to-pick-up lyrics, it becomes a song that it’s impossible to sit still while listening to. Two Feet also brings the EP together nicely and builds up to the final track well with it’s incredible acoustic vibes!

Two Feet is followed by the fourth and final track, Away From Home. With its calm and engaging melody, the EP’s closing track forces you to actively listen to it. Once again fitting incredibly well into the sound of the EP as a whole, the track is an exceptional closer to an amazing album. The pace of the track is incredibly well done and the clear, professional production really shows off Charlie’s talent not only for singing but also for songwriting. At only 17, I think we can expect amazing things from Charlie in the future if this album is anything to go on!

As a debut EP, there's no way to describe Breathe Deep other than as an exceptional demonstration of talent combined with a clear love of music. If you haven't already, make sure to check the album out - it’s definitely made it into my chill playlists! Make sure to follow Charlie on social media too to make sure you keep up to date on any new announcements!

Check out the album here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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