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Boyfriend | Quorum

Okehampton-based indie-rock band Quorum is made up of lead singer Jordan Hookway, guitarist Jake Hodgson, bassist Noah Groves and drummer Mack Hodgson. They aim to provide a thrilling and modern take on the music scene. They take inspiration from big names such as The 1975, Arctic Monkeys Pale Waves and SWMRS just to list a few! The talent they all share has resulted in a creative new sound which is different to other bands, but still strangely familiar. However they’ve done it, and it works!

On March 19th, Quorum released the first of their new singles which was featured on BBC Introducing Devon and Cornwall as their "Track of the Week.” Having only premiered a week ago, the much-loved music video, filmed by James Fidge from YeahDawgie, has been viewed over 500 times. The energy of the video is as infectious as their energy in live shows, and the personalities of the band members really come across. Comments on the video have described the track as “awesome and irritatingly catchy” and as “a really good catchy song” on Facebook. The boys were described by fans as brilliant local talent in further comments, and after hearing their new song I don't think anyone would disagree.

The track was also released on Spotify and has already worked its way into many of my own playlists and many others I’m sure. In a very 1975-style opening, they capture the listener’s attention immediately and never lose it. The track has an extremely infectious tune and has you unconsciously humming it for days after just one listen. The song was recorded and produced by Josiah Manning at Momentum Studios and according to fans, he’s done a great job. I have been told by Quorum’s fans that “the balance of instrumental and vocal parts is perfect” and “the lead vocal is strong but not overpowering.” They were also full of praise for the band too of course and told me that Jordan and Noah’s voices blend really well together and complement the talent of Jake and Mack.

The energy of the song fits well with the music video, which is focused on Jordan’s enthusiasm with close-up camera angles. The video has a handheld feel to it, which works really well with the style of the band and fits with the song. The camera constantly changes angles too which keeps up with the pace of the song and keeps the viewer engaged in the video and makes it impossible to not bop along to it.

Due to current restrictions, there are no live shows going on for a while now but that hasn’t stopped them from keeping up a presence. Jordan did a live acoustic set on Facebook this week which was great to see. Boyfriend was featured in the setlist, along with their other new singles which gave the fans a new version to listen to. The acoustic version was also amazing and got good reactions from everyone I saw commenting on the video!

If for some unknown reason you haven’t already heard of Quorum, you’ve been missing out! Make sure to check them out on social media and on Spotify, they’re most definitely worth a listen! The band brings a fresh new style to the indie-rock scene and they’re a really lovely and likeable bunch of guys. Working with them is always a pleasure and I can’t wait to see what they’ll do in the future!

Check out the new single here!


Words and photos by Chloe Pollard.

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