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Autonomy: Part One | Guerilla State

Guerilla State is a rising Irish rock group based in Belfast and has previously been featured in Flare Magazine with its debut single Never Taking Me. The band is made up of two members, from Ireland and Australia, and addresses current issues head-on, illuminating them in an unbiased way. Guerilla State provides “a strong musical commentary on the social and political intricacies of the modern world” through a form of media that we can all relate to.

Never Taking Me was only the beginning, however, as March 5th will see the release of their debut EP. Titled Autonomy: Part One, the EP features six tracks which each bring something amazing to the alternative rock scene. Each track has a different sound, but the band have managed to retain the unity of an EP and all six songs fit really well into the theme of the EP. Creating a solid sound through tracks which differ is no small achievement, but Guerilla State has made it look easy!


Track one on the EP, Harbinger, has a futuristic feel to the opening which sits amazingly alongside the vocals and the distant effect on them. However, when this effect is dropped as the song really begins the futuristic feel remains and keeps the theme going. As the first track on the EP, it really brings the energy and sets the tone for the rest of the album in the most effective way possible.

Harbinger sets the scene for Ready Aim Fire, track two on Autonomy: Part One well by leaving the listener needing to hear more. Ready Aim Fire takes on a different feel entirely from the previous song and is possibly my favourite from the EP. It manages to feel incredibly familiar but completely unique upon trying to place the recognition. The consistent energy makes me certain that this will be a hit live, I can definitely see a crowd getting behind it!

Ready Aim Fire is followed by Never Taking Me, which you can read about here and strongly recommend you check out while you wait for the release of Autonomy: Part One! The Terror Storm rivals Ready Aim Fire for the spot as my favourite track from the EP. Taking on a slower pace and a slightly more relaxed mood, the track provides a nice break in the upbeat energy of the rest of the EP while also adding another layer of depth to the album as a whole.


The final two tracks on the EP, Fracture and Bandit Country, are just as amazing as the ones I have previously mentioned, keeping up the infectious energy and providing an incredible ending to Guerilla State’s debut EP. The different nature of each track and consistency achieved through the album gives it something truly unique and definitely makes it worth a listen!

If you haven’t already heard it, go check out Never Taking Me! The single was released on January 15th and provides a welcome insight into the upcoming EP. Make sure to follow Guerilla State on social media to make sure you don’t miss out on any news and be sure to check out Autonomy: Part One on March 5th!

Check out Guerilla State here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

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