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Asylum Insane | Plastic Tramps

Plastic Tramps are an alternative rock band from South Devon made up of lead singer and guitarist Oli Pringle, bassist Sam Jacques and drummer Robert Wardman. The band formed in 2016 and has since released five singles and one EP titled Breaking The Fourth Wall. They've made a name for themselves in the South West already with their unique sound and their creative and atmospheric videos...And they’re only just getting started!

Plastic Tramps’ newest single is titled Asylum Insane and is accompanied by an eight-and-a-half minute music video which was released on November 8th, two days after the track, and follows the release of their previous singles well. The band also has a new EP lined up for release on December 1st which will definitely be one to keep an eye out for. The video was shot and produced by Luc Amaden and features an infectious energy which keeps pace with the song incredibly well. The energy and pace are kept up throughout the whole video which, considering its length, is an amazing achievement! The single and video have been met with positive responses, with comments describing it as “awesome and off the scale” and its production as “a brilliantly filmed video for such an emotive track.”


Asylum Insane was also released on Spotify and has worked its way into many playlists in the few days it’s been available! The opening has a chilled feel to it, but the drums give away the inevitable speeding up and raise the intensity of the track. There's an almost distant effect on the guitar which gives off a powerful, eerie effect which is intensified when the vocals come in. The opening is accompanied by slow panning shots of the well-chosen location and provides more context for the video when the lyrics come in. This combined with the slow-motion shots of the band walking through the building fits well with the haunting tone of the vocals. The laid-back pace doesn't last for long however, the drums are quickly brought to the forefront of the song, aided by the sharp cuts of the video.

The energy of the video fits well with the song, and it keeps pace the whole way through. The sharp cuts which have been synced to the drum beats keep the building intensity of the track fitted with the video. Dark riffs that split the different sections of the track apart also provide a sense of continuity throughout the song and keep going in your head well after the song’s finished! The persistence of the riffs allows the camera to flick between different angles and shots quickly and adds to the action of the video.

The middle section when the band are playing ‘live’ in the forest really gives a small piece of live music in a time where it isn't happening. The strength of the vocals and the obvious talent possessed by each member of the band also help to add to the energy of the ‘live’ performance. It really gives anyone watching a taste of what’s coming and of what a live Plastic Tramps gig is like. The energy the band gives off in these scenes is contagious and really makes anyone watching want nothing more than to go to see the band live when we can again.

If for some reason you haven't already, go check the video out on YouTube and keep an eye out on social media for the new EP! It's definitely going to be one to check out, so make sure you don't miss out! I know I definitely can’t wait to see what these guys do next!

Check out the new single here!


Words and photography by Chloe Pollard Photography.

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